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A beautiful country house is the dream of many residents of megacities. Especially if it is a chalet-style country house. No wonder it has gained such popularity among fans of outdoor activities: only its cozy appearance reminds of European ski resorts away from the noise and gassed cities. This style came to Russia from southeastern France, where it borders on Switzerland.

Once upon a time, chalets were used by alpine shepherds and hunters for a safe stay in the cold winter in the forest. True, then such houses did not look like this at all: today the chalet style has little in common with small wooden shacks.

The main distinguishing features of a chalet-style house are a massive stone foundation and the lower part of the ground floor. The top part is made of wood. Such a design may well guarantee reliability and durability, not to mention its visual appeal.

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Design Features

Alpine chalet style is endowed with several recognizable features. One of its external features is a gable roof with wide sides (ledges). The length of such ledges reaches 1.5-2 m. Such voluminous canopies are installed in order to protect the house from gusts of wind and other weather conditions. The design of chalet-style houses uses wood carving to decorate the facade or balcony. The roof is usually covered with stable tiles.

The traditional arrangement of the sides and walls of the building is also special: the facade of a chalet-style house always “looks” exclusively to the east, and the living rooms are designed so that natural daylight illuminates the premises for as long as possible.

It is also important to take into account that without proper arrangement of the territory around the chalet house, it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect of luxury and wealth.

To build such a house, you need to find a site near the forest, or at least with the presence of tall coniferous trees. The area near the house should look as natural as possible, as if without the intervention of a human hand.

One-story chalet-style houses are no less popular than their two- or three-story counterparts. They are convenient, comfortable and have the comfort of home. Chalets with one floor occupy a large area due to the placement of all rooms on the same plane. This is a great choice for a summer cottage in the forest or just in nature.

Modern approach

Chalet houses and dachas have always differed from others in their external high cost, aesthetics and richness of architectural imagination. Designers from all over the world successfully bring something new to the projects, allowing this style to be popular all over the world.

Today, natural, artificial stones, as well as bricks are used to build the lower floor of a modern and stylish chalet house. But the attic is still customarily made of wood — logs or timber. Moreover, the degree of processing of lumber can be very different.

A modern house of this style should have a spacious balcony, large windows and a veranda. Architects often insist on projects using a lot of glass, which is not strange, because this way the house acquires an interesting appearance and very cozy outlines. Chalet houses of recent construction are not at all closed — they are almost transparent.

Gable roofs are not considered a relic of the past, but there will always be those who bring something new to familiar things. Thus, chalet houses now often have a shed roof with a barely noticeable slope. And sometimes the architectural plan of the building even allows you to make a house project, which will include several attic buildings with shed roofs.

Exterior and interior

The external and internal appearance of a well-equipped plot and the chalet house itself always delights and surprises. It is also important that great efforts are put into this, and they are worth it.

The grounds around the house are made of paved stone, as are the paths. In the warm season, you can use wicker furniture to decorate the exterior. This will give it a more cozy and domesticated look.

For lovers of barbecue or just family dinners in the open air, a stone stove or barbecue will be an excellent solution, which will also look like very good decor elements.

Returning to the topic of building a home, you need to consider the following: the presence of knots or a rough texture of wood will be a wonderful decoration for the walls of a chalet house. Deliberate rudeness or exaggerated asymmetry will add interest and creativity to the appearance of the building; such a design will never get tired of the residents and will please the eye.

The interior inside a chalet-style house is exactly that moment in design and design that you can talk about forever. Here, not only the correctness and appropriateness of the internal arrangement is used, but a matter of taste.

There are no frames or boundaries in the choice of furniture and interior items. The main thing is not to overdo it and keep the traditional basis. Although, in fact, the advice of experienced craftsmen is still worth listening to.

As in the exterior, you should pay attention to the finishes and massive wood furniture. Furniture items may be slightly aged and contain leather elements in the decoration.

Light-colored wood is used for wall decoration, which gives the room space and light. The chalet must have a fireplace in the living room, made of natural stone.

Decorative items will also decorate a chalet-style home. It can be forged metal elements, a stuffed animal or a handmade photo frame.

The wooden floor can be decorated with animal skins. For the same purpose, a natural carpet is suitable. Lighting plays an important role: it is recommended to choose lamps with soft, candle-like lighting.

In order to choose your ideal chalet, you can visit thematic resources on the Internet or order a ready-made project according to your taste and wishes. A photo of chalet-style houses has not left anyone indifferent due to its sophistication and beauty.

The chalet is the most comfortable style that combines the traditions of old France and a modern approach to architectural design.

Photo of houses in the style of a chalet

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