A brick house is still considered the best option for building a dwelling, since such a structure has many more advantages.

Many people have a subconscious mind that a brick house is reliability and safety, since this material has been tested for centuries. It is about construction, advantages and disadvantages that we will talk about in this article using the example of a photo of brick houses.

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Benefits of a brick house

Since brick has been used in construction for quite a long time, they managed to appreciate it, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

Today, this material is freely available, has different prices, and most importantly, there is always a demand for it. This is because the material has a number of its advantages:

  • high level of strength;
  • durability of use;
  • frost resistance, fireproof;
  • easy to work;
  • low, affordable price;
  • environmental friendliness.

As for strength, everyone knows this. It is enough just to walk around the city, pay attention to the pre-war brick buildings and make sure that such houses can stand freely until demolition.

Everything will wear out — insulation, tiles, but not brick. The building material itself is made of tightly packed raw materials, which protects it from deformation and other external factors.

A brick house is durable in use, since simple masonry is used in its construction according to a separate principle. Bricks are small in size, and the smaller the size of the laying material, the stronger it will hold. Each builder knows how to deal with this material, and the vast experience of such specialists allows you to build a house for centuries.

Since the brick is made of clay, it is not afraid of temperature. Freely tolerates severe frosts and heat. In addition, it is non-combustible, so you can not worry about ignition and further fire. In our climate, there is always a need for a versatile material, and brick is the ideal option.

The material is recognized by the Russian consumer, so every builder most often deals with it, rather than with some others. It is easy to use, only minimal knowledge is required.

That is why most owners prefer to independently build buildings, cottages and residential private houses made of bricks. You can freely build brick houses with your own hands.

Today, a whole mass of manufacturers of this building material is represented on the market, as there is a demand for it. Accordingly, in a competitive environment, brick as a product has an inexpensive cost, profitable and affordable for everyone. To build a house on your own, you do not need to save for many years for the material.

It is important to pay attention to environmental friendliness, since it is made only from natural materials. Built a brick house — made a significant contribution to environmental protection. Profitable and useful.

Drawbacks and minor flaws

Even such a useful material has its drawbacks. Any brick has a compacted structure, which affects the weight of the material. Thus, it will be necessary to prepare a more reliable foundation so that the house can truly become a solid fortress. A solid reinforced concrete straight slab would be the best option.

Brick walls have low thermal insulation, so they will need to be additionally insulated. Today, this process is no less popular; it can also be done by hand. Also, after the walls are built, it can take a lot of expenses to finish them, but again, once and for a long time.

If you are interested in the prices of ready-made brick houses, you will notice a rather high cost for such buildings. This is because ready-made houses will indeed serve for a long time and faithfully. Many people think that buying ready-made one-story brick houses is too expensive, it will be much cheaper to build it yourself.

How to build a house with your own hands

There are no problems in the construction of residential premises with your own hands. There are ready-made projects of brick houses, which contain exact data on the size of structures and other characteristics.

You can take the finished project of the house and build it yourself. Next, you should carry out preparatory work that will allow you to assess the financial possibilities, fully understand the design of the future structure.

Building a house includes the following types of work:

  • selection of bricks and calculation of quantity
  • land marking
  • foundation pouring
  • waterproofing, finishing works
  • brick wall laying
  • roofing work
  • roof and roofing work

When choosing a brick, you can be guided by several factors that directly depend on the financial capabilities of the developer. When buying, you first need to look at the appearance so that it is new, perfectly even. Next, we choose with the best indicators of water absorption, frost resistance, thermal conductivity and, of course, strength.

When you have completely figured out the type of brick, you will need to mark up the land. Of course, you need to be guided only by the data that were previously included in the design. After carrying out the preparatory work, the foundation can be poured.

Recently, a pile foundation has been laid under a brick house. After completion, it is imperative to perform waterproofing to protect the structure from environmental influences.

After the work with the foundation has been completed successfully, you can proceed to masonry walls. The principle of working with the material is still the same and has not changed for centuries. Perhaps this is the easiest process in building a house. We pay attention to the marking of window openings, not the slightest error should be allowed.

Next, we get to work with ceilings — in two-story brick houses, special attention should be paid to this. The last stage in construction is roofing, which is also of great importance for durability. It is better to choose a metal tile, which has recently been gaining more and more popularity.

Let’s summarize and say that a brick house is an ideal solution for all those who want to build a structure with their own hands. It is inexpensive, fast, requires minimal knowledge.

A subtle miscalculation in the design will ideally allow you to understand the design of brick houses and build everything exactly according to plan.

Photo of brick houses

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