Why choose stretch ceilings?

The list of materials as a basis for creating stretch ceilings is constantly updated, which opens up even more opportunities for the implementation of author’s design ideas without compromising the functionality of the structure. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to make a stretch ceiling in the kitchen will be followed by a clearly positive answer.

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Yes, Peter’s stretch ceilings, like any other finishing element, have advantages, and in general they are quite suitable for use in kitchens with somewhat extreme conditions.

For the kitchen, tension-type fabrics are:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • satin;
  • artistic;
  • vinyl;
  • textile;
  • stretch ceiling with photo printing and pattern.

Glossy canvases are presented in a wide range of colors and shades. A distinctive feature is the reflective surface, due to which it is possible to achieve the effect of a visual increase in space.

Matte surfaces are ideal for creating a classic design in traditional interiors. Just like with glossy ones, matte canvases come in different colors, with a minimally noticeable butt joint.


Satin beautiful stretch ceilings are similar in characteristics to matte canvases. Most often, white options are chosen for the kitchen with a barely noticeable mother-of-pearl tint. The peculiarity of this ceiling is the ability to reflect lighting, again, with a visual increase in the space of the kitchen.

The canvas «starry sky» belongs to the category of art. The effect of the sky is achieved through the use of fiber optic strands connected to the outer part of the product. Such canvases are in many ways superior to the classic options in terms of beauty and exclusivity of design.

Quite a worthy option — stretch ceilings for the kitchen from vinyl. Products are not just beautiful, they are truly practical, they can, if necessary, hold back water, thereby preserving the interior. Are there any disadvantages to vinyl designs for the kitchen? The main disadvantage is instability to mechanical damage. Cloths are easily damaged even during installation, not to mention operation.

Textile fabrics in the kitchen are knitted seamless structures based on impregnated polyester yarn or polyurethane. Ceilings are presented in a wide range of colors, including those with ornaments. If we analyze the reviews about products in this category, they are mostly positive. One has only to pay attention to the high cost and limited possibilities of application, depending on the style direction implemented in the room.

Textile ceilings

Ceilings with photo printing are a special category of canvases that allow you to make the design of the kitchen unique, thematic. When choosing a photo for application to the canvas, it is worth considering the general design direction in the apartment and in the kitchen. Both traditional birds and clouds and photos of your favorite pets, culinary masterpieces, relatives and friends will look equally beautiful and original on this type of ceiling.

In general, all of the listed types of stretch ceilings for the kitchen are a huge field for creativity with endless possibilities for implementing ideas.

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