Sockets and switches in the kitchen

Continuing the topic of kitchen electrification, begun in the article on lighting, I want to introduce you to the basic skills of calculating the load on the kitchen electrical network. Why is this needed? Yes, just to understand during the operation of sockets!

It turns out that not every outlet can include everything you want.

First you need to make a list of all electrical appliances that will be present in the kitchen, including lighting and those that you would like to see here in the most rosy perspective.
To make it easier to calculate, I suggest using a table.
The sequence of sockets is determined by the order of connecting kitchen devices according to technological processes. In other words, you should first clearly define the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen with reference to the working triangle, and only according to this scheme is the connection of sockets.
Like everywhere else, there are rules and restrictions.


  • one socket and one plug socket — as they say in Odessa, two big differences;
  • the socket is a connection point to which one double (triple, if grounded) wire leads, and it can have from one to five sockets for plugs;
  • the maximum power of the outlet according to the European standard, subject to the connection of a wire of the corresponding section of 3500 W, in fact, it is worth starting from this when calculating the number of outlets;
  • keep in mind that domestic sockets and standards are designed for a maximum of 1300 W;
  • for the kitchen choose sockets with a moisture-proof housing, cover and rubber seals;
  • for a vertical arrangement, sockets with plug planes turned at an angle are suitable — in such plugs with wires will not interfere with each other.
ALLOWED: connect several low-power appliances to one outlet, if their total power does not exceed the rated power of the outlet.
A SMALL DIRECTION: in order to understand why some devices can be plugged into a particular outlet, while others cannot, you should remember physics, and if you don’t remember, it doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you in my own words.
The wires in the electrical wiring have a different cross section (thickness), the larger the cross section, the stronger the voltage will withstand the wire. If a large voltage current is put into the wiring of a small section, it will simply melt, which can cause a fire and a short circuit.
The cross section of the wire is indicated on its winding, where you can find the numbers (for example: 2.5 m2), this is the desired size. But it won’t tell you much. This is information for an electrician, and your task is to require him to complete the wiring diagram with the rated power of each outlet. This is the usual norm, which is included in the building passport of the house (apartment)
IMPORTANT: if your home and life are dear to you, use only copper wire for the mains.
  • simultaneous inclusion of household appliances and electronic equipment in one socket, this may lead to the failure of the latter;
  • placement of an outlet above a sink or stove;
  • the inclusion of powerful units in one outlet, devices from the red and orange sectors of the table (see above) are connected to separate outlets, and even better, they make an individual output from the shield for them.
There are more and more household appliances in the kitchen — mixers, electric kettles, toasters, combines, bread makers … and there are simply not enough sockets. They come to help retractable sockets type EVOline Port (Germany).

They can be installed in a countertop, table, cabinet. Place both vertically and horizontally. With and without phone jack. With and without lights…

And when they are not needed at all, just with one movement of the hand, hide them so that they are not visible.

A unique system for connecting to the mains, as well as connecting to peripheral devices. Has international patents. Awarded the «reddot award» for elegant design and functionality.

  • Silver anodized aluminum body;
  • 3 sockets 2E+P VDE standard (Union of German Electrical Engineers);
  • network cable 2.5 m;
  • tabletop thickness not more than 50 mm,
  • installation hole with a diameter of 102 mm
  • General idea: retractable aluminum module for connecting electrical sockets of various international standards, with connectors for telephone and computer networks, with audio and video outputs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Exploitation: press the recess in the cover and pull the socket up, connect the cable and push the socket back. The cover will leave an opening for the connected cables.
  • Application: In the kitchen, in conference rooms, offices, hotels — wherever design and order are needed. EVOline® Port CUISINE.

The procedure for mounting a retractable outlet in the bottom surface of the wall cabinet.

1. hang cabinet

2. drill a hole

3. insert socket

4-5. put on the fixing ring

6. fix the ring with screws (to the coupling and the plane of the cabinet)

For the countertop, everything is done in the same way, but in a mirror image.

In a slightly different way, they hide in the countertop mortise built-in sockets.

They occupy less depth of space and open when pressed like a book cover by turning around its axis.

The cover and edging of the opening of such a socket are made of anodized aluminum, and the technical indicators are similar to the previous version.

Dealt with sockets. Now a few words about switches. It’s interesting, in most languages ​​the name of this device is literally translated as a switch, but it’s the opposite with us 🙂


It is very convenient to have switches at the entrance. You enter and turn on the general light and the chandelier above the dining area at the same time. Such a switch is located at a height of 100-115 cm from the floor level and is equipped with a dimmer that regulates the voltage.

However, in the kitchen at different times of the day, we can perform completely different actions. This is a serious reason to install additional switches near the dining table and work surface.

The installation height is still the same (100-115 cm), it is advisable to install the light switch above the working area in line with sockets for small kitchen appliances.


A modern home electrical network is simply impossible without an RCD (residual current device, often referred to simply as a «shield with automatic devices»).

In addition to being safe, it is also quite convenient. After all, if, for example, a refrigerator is connected to the machine through an RCD, if it fails, it will “knock out” the corresponding key, and the rest of the devices will work.

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