From wood for the interior: design ideas


You can make the interior of a private house stylish and cozy with just two materials: textiles and wood.

And at the same time, repairs inside the premises can be the most unpretentious, up to rough plastering on the walls and simple painting of the wooden floor.

You can read about the textile design of windows by clicking on the link. As for the wood in the interior, it is not at all necessary that it be a high-quality carpentry product. You can make many things with your own hands, having some skills in handling tools and knowing the features of working with wood.

Here is a selection of photo ideas for home decoration.

BEAM, if you want more texture, it is better to buy raw sawn. If you dry it yourself, and even in the open sun, it will acquire spectacular cracks.

True, during drying, a raw tree can “twist”, so that this does not happen, the timber is cut in advance into slightly larger segments of the required size and dried under heavy pressure. After drying, the dimensions are adjusted using a planer.

An additional textured relief can be given to the wood surface by brushing: a metal brush is drawn along the fibers, which forms grooves that deepen the wood pattern.

Floor beams are made from wooden beams. This is the traditional approach. Furniture items made of this material look more interesting and unusual.

REIKU for interior decoration are chosen very carefully. It must be sawn from dry solid wood and must be free of knots. Reiki decorate walls and ceilings. This technique gives large planes volume and expressiveness.

In the gaps between the wooden planks, you can place an LED strip for spectacular lighting. A sufficient number of light bulbs may well replace general lighting.

The direction of the rail is chosen based on the task: the horizontal expands the space, but reduces the height, the vertical — vice versa. Laying the lath with a pattern generally changes the perception of space and is recommended for small sections of the wall.

BOARD does not have to be new and smooth. After all, then the product from it should look just as perfect. Only a carpenter with the right tools can achieve this.

It’s another matter if you pick up a board that has already been “shabby” … and make something original out of it. Yes, visually the product will turn out to be rough, but that’s the beauty of it. After all, such an element of furniture will contrast favorably with a fresh renovation. The main thing is that a piece of furniture or decoration from an old board should be the only and main accent in the interior.

PALLETS (wooden pallets) — entire Internet sagas have already been written about their use in the interior 🙂 They are modestly silent about one thing: products made from high-quality «overseas» pallets will look just as impressive as in the photo.

If you want «as in the picture», then it is better to make pallets yourself. Moreover, such a product should be prudently aged and, possibly, add some chips in the form of a burnt brand, wormhole or chip.

BRANCHES and KORYAGI — just a treasure trove of inspiration.

That’s just interspersed with them in the design should be very careful not to turn the interior into a rutarium.

DECKS AND SAWS can turn into the simplest and most affordable furnishing for your home. What could be easier than sawing the trunk (or asking someone), dry the decks and, after removing the bark, treat it with a coloring compound.

And to make a countertop, you need professional equipment. In this case, «cheap and cheerful» will not work.

The saw cuts also make up a decorative panel. Actual for small areas, for example, part of the wall, wall.

NUANCE: so that your interior does not turn into an exhibition exposition of a rustic master, do not overload it with the same elements. Let it be one or two or three things from radically different initial components (timber, board, pallet, deck, branch).


The sofa can stand on the floor, or it can … hang in the air, hospitably inviting you to swing.

The basis of the design is a frame made of timber, upholstered with a board.

Rope fastenings are located in the beam. This is the only way to ensure the reliability of the design.

On the ceiling, a swing sofa is attached to a wooden beam

A round saw cut of wood as furniture is more suitable for country style, but for a more modern eco-style it is better to choose a strict rectangular shape.

Wooden shutters decorate not only windows. They can also be used inside the house. For example, make a panel on the wall.

It is noteworthy that such a wall design will suit both a historical interior with provincial notes (on the right) and modern design (photo below).

But the rustic interior tends to mix classics or modernism with wood products with frankly rough processing. A couple of such details — and your interior will acquire an inimitable original charm.

Neutral interior design is characterized by expressive, but soft details. The decor of the saw cuts on the wall is just from this category.

In front of you is a completely new and modern kitchen with elements of eco-style: a «piece of nature» on the breakfast counter.

Modern rustic style is characterized by simple plank decor. And if this is a board that has long served as a container or fence sheathing, then it will create a nostalgic mood of vintage style.

Wooden bath? This won’t surprise anyone anymore. Moreover, such a product with high-quality processing will make water relaxation a truly royal holiday.

Even a simple piece of board can turn into a cute and practical little thing. There is a wall clock in front of you. The clock mechanism is purchased on sites for needlework, and you can search for a suitable board (or rather, a trim) at any rural sawmill or from neighbor developers.

If you have a carpentry machine, making such a vase is not difficult.

The photo shows an interesting whatnot-transformer for the kitchen. Wooden slats in a horizontal position form shelves, but if you lift them up — you will get a panel of slats.

The tabletop is also remarkable: in addition to being made in the traditions of eco-style, it also creates the illusion that its central part is corrugated. But this is a visual deception created by a printed pattern with a different color.

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