Ecological modernism style

Perhaps the phrase «ecological style» (eco-style) will make you analogy with an eco-house and eco-villages.

They have nothing in common except for the prefix «eco», just as it should not be attributed to its abbreviation from the word «saving».

Let’s put it this way: the style of ecological modernism (it is called eco-style for short) is a modern trend in architecture and home design, aimed at creating unity between man and nature through the use of new technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

In other words, an eco-style house is a modern energy-saving building using only natural materials in decoration and furnishing.

The design in question has nothing to do with any of the country style trends.

Rather, it resembles minimalism, but with a pronounced environmental focus.

Such a HOUSE is quite remarkable in appearance: large panoramic windows, giving a feeling of spaciousness and lack of walls, mainly cubic outlines of the building itself, plastered facades or ventilated, sheathed with wooden siding.

Terraces are often arranged on the roof and smash gardens. Thanks to the earthen layer inside the house, an ideal microclimate is created.

This building can be a complex of several buildings with glass passages that serve as a terrace in summer, and a winter garden in the cold season.

No less interesting is the INTERIOR of the eco-style house. It cannot be called lush and pompous; rather, on the contrary, it gravitates towards conciseness.

All details inside have pronounced geometric outlines, repeat natural forms (for example, pebbles), but without decorative excesses.

The rich texture of natural materials compensates for the lack of details. The overall appearance of the premises can be called ultra-modern.

ON WALLS they apply breathable mineral plaster, glue cork, natural and paper wallpapers, ceramic and stone tiles, make wood paneling.

Neutral colors are chosen, preference is given to plain textures and floral motifs. Being in an eco-style room, you do not feel the color and textural contrasts between the interior and the landscape outside the window. But at the same time, eco style is not at all copying nature, but the skillful use of its colors and textures for home decoration.

Not the last place is occupied by glass partitions, which allow to increase the illumination of the interior and visually expand the space.

CEILINGS it is distinguished by simplicity and lack of multi-tiered, here, in addition to plastering, pasting with natural wallpaper, cork, less often wood paneling is used.

The design of the FLOOR has absorbed all the best from the experience of construction: stone and ceramic slabs, plank floors, parquet, cork, natural carpet or mat.

No patterns, except perhaps a combination of textures and colors for the purpose of zoning the space.

If we talk about the place where the whole family gathers — the living room, then along with the traditional (in a modern interpretation) appeared biofireplace, which burns with a living flame, does not emit smoke and leaves no ash and cinders behind. The fuel for it, ethyl alcohol, is by far the most environmentally friendly.

FURNITURE for an eco-style interior, by definition, it cannot be cheap, since it is made of rattan or solid wood. If you have carpentry skills, you may be able to create your own eco masterpiece.

The features of any piece of furniture are strictly geometric.

Without any carving as a decor, the surface is polished and matte — everything is simple and functional.

The exception is furniture made from wood cuts: tables, stools, poufs. Their imperfect, but natural form remains in its original form, and you can “conjure” with the color, painting, for example, in metallic shades. This is where craftsmen can roam!

Soft upholstery with the use of coarse natural fabrics of natural colors, most often linen, as well as skins or their imitation, gives comfort to wood products.

The same fabrics are used for textile decoration.

Do not try to achieve the perfect smoothness of natural CURTAINS, because slight negligence creates a certain charm.

Well, for those who “suffer” from perfectionism, we recommend choosing mixed fabrics and “spoiling” their ideality with metal rivets, shells, wooden beads or horn buttons.

Complement the interior in eco-style pillows from the same fabrics with a print from the world of flora and fauna.

An excellent contrast to the linen texture will be created by silver or gold paint. Contour embroidery looks concise, and you should not use multi-colored threads.

Pillows with pillowcases made of undyed linen look self-sufficient, using such functional details as ties or buttons as decor.

The highlight of a modest-looking eco-style interior is DECORliterally brought from the street. You can make an exquisite composition of several large flat pellets, placing them on top of each other next to a large floor candle or bonsai tree. The combination of pebbles, water, candles and greenery allows you to create an endless number of combinations.

And, of course, GREEN in tubs of different calibers will create the appropriate atmosphere of an eco-interior.

Just do not turn all this splendor into a banal greenhouse.

Plants should be more subtly distributed in space and bet on the repetition of several types of plants in containers of the same shape.

By the way, the usual lawn grass in such pots, and even in the company with spicy greens, will harmoniously fit into the interior of the eco style as harmoniously as possible.

A living wall is a new type of landscaping, it is difficult to create such an object, however, the end result justifies the costs.

Less troublesome green walls are created from stabilized plants (moss, ferns), their care is not laborious, and their service life is long.

An interesting detail of the layout of a modern house is the patio. It is a well with glass walls and a transparent roof.

Inside the enclosed space, they organize a mini-landscape with evergreens. It can be both shade-tolerant herbaceous perennials, as well as shrubs and even trees.

At its core, this is a winter garden in a new way.

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