A game of hide-and-seek or a built-in kitchen…

The phrase «built-in kitchen» implies a twofold interpretation:
1. this is a kitchen furniture built into a complex wall configuration;
2. This is a household appliance that is mounted in a kitchen set.

Both versions of the built-in kitchen have one thing in common — the furniture for the built-in kitchen is produced exclusively to order and according to preliminary measurements.

Built-in and beautiful kitchens are synonymous, because such a space is not overloaded with unnecessary details and looks harmonious.

BUILT-IN HEADSET, what is this?

vstroennie kitchen

Imagine that your kitchen is small, and there are niches and ledges on the walls that make it difficult to hang and put standard furniture next to it. And so I want to place here also a dining area …

Buying a new apartment is not an option, and ordering an individual design, although it will cost more than a standard kitchen, will pay for itself with convenience and aesthetics.

In this case, the kitchen set is performed as a whole with a given space.

Any architectural nuance (niche, ledge, window opening) can be beaten in such a way as to add convenience and functionality to the future kitchen.

For example, a window sill. Its standard height is 80-90cm, the same as the table height. Therefore, a monolithic countertop, capturing the window sill space, increases the working area. Functionally? Yes.

Niche … If it is of sufficient size, then the kitchen set placed in it will be, as it were, hidden in the wall.

If the niche is narrow, then it is better to hide the refrigerator in it.

No furniture protruding from the wall, no corners to go around. Comfortable? Undoubtedly.

A ledge in the wall … Let’s say it was formed due to the support beam. Without him, in any way, but with him it is not comfortable. If the furniture is artistically beaten around the ledge (make a cutout in the countertop, hang open shelves above it, or come up with another option), then the aesthetic flaw will turn into a beautiful design.


In fact, it is correct to say «embedded technology», but the nuance of pronunciation does not change its purpose — to be invisible.

You can build a refrigerator, TV, dishwasher, hood, washing, hob, oven, grill, microwave, coffee machine, «warmer» for dishes.

vstroennie kitchenWhat for? Household appliances are not produced, such as tiles, in collections with the same design — unprofitable. And such a variegated «mosaic» can ruin any of the most beautiful kitchen sets. That’s why they’re disguised…

How? Everything is clear here:

  • kitchen appliances are mounted in furniture,
  • where possible, the facades are duplicated by the main material of the kitchen set.
And woo-a-la: there is comfort and aesthetics have not suffered.

You are unlikely to succeed in doing such work on your own, therefore you cannot do without the help of specialists. But, as they say, trust but verify.

Here’s what the average person needs to know about built-in appliances.

The refrigerator is not located near heated surfaces and appliances: stoves, batteries, oven.

In the photo of kitchens on the Internet, the neighborhood of the oven and the refrigerator is seen all the time 🙁

A compromise is possible if the wall between these devices is properly insulated.

Most hobs do not take up the entire width of the countertop (which is 60 cm), so only a monolithic countertop is required under it.

It can be convenient to mount a dishwasher and washing machine near the sink (for installers), but it will be much more comfortable to use them if the «dishwasher» is installed under the serving table (usually to the right of the stove).

And the «washer» should be placed where walking along the working surface is less intense. Imagine that cooking is in full swing, and your husband urgently needed something to stretch, the place where you are not at the moment and there is what you are looking for)))

Consider a specific example (photo below).

In this kitchen, it would be much more convenient to place a washing machine on the left (instead of a dishwasher), a refrigerator with a left door to the left of the sink, and on the right to the right, instead of the rightmost refrigerator, it is better to install a dishwasher. Why?

The main movement in the kitchen will be along the line from the sink to the stove and beyond. The area on the far left is less visited. There is a convenient place for a washing machine.

Why refrigerators near the sink? If it were not for the «washer», it would be better to place them in two adjacent modules to the left of the window, under the cutting table. Washing is a compromise. There is no place for them at all on both sides of the stove: we take out food, wash it, cut it and do it all on a spacious cutting table, and not on a “patch” by the stove. There is a place for bowls with blanks and saucepans.

Why is the dishwasher mounted under the serving table to the right of the stove? There, prepared food is laid out on plates, and used kitchen utensils, bowls and saucepans can be immediately hidden in the dishwasher.

Is it easy for you to take an extra five steps to the left? Well, well))) This is until the first big holiday, when such «idle» runs will run from a kilometer …

PS A few more words about the washing machine in the kitchen — it does not belong here, just like in the bathroom. Alas, the features of the old layout leave no choice.

For those who have started a major overhaul or are settling in a new building, I strongly recommend planning, if not a utility room, then at least a niche not far from the sewer riser. Access to the washing unit should be outside the bathroom and kitchen, it can be a corridor. And you can hide the facade behind the sliding wall of the wardrobe.

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