Chandeliers modern

This interior style is bright, controversial and unusual. For some, it seems too pretentious and ridiculous, the rest are simply in love with the combination of incongruous things and bright accents. One of the most

Japanese style bed

Exquisite minimalism is a distinctive feature of the interiors of the Land of the Rising Sun. Europeans find both the rigor and color scheme in three or four tones unusual, as well as the overall

Country style furniture

«Country» in translation from English means «village». And it immediately becomes clear what exactly the country style is ready to offer us. There are several versions of where this style originated. Many country music is

White bedroom furniture

Without a doubt, the bedroom is the most intimate room in any home. After all, this is the place where we not only spend all the dark time of the day (and this, as you

Posters for the interior

For a specific corner of your room, you can choose your images on different topics. The children’s room can be decorated with fairy-tale characters, and the bedroom with black and white stylish photographs. For the

Art Nouveau furniture

Quirky personality Tiffany style, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, Liberty, Secession, Spruce style — these are all names for the same style in different countries. It appeared at the end of the 19th century following the era

Chandeliers for stretch ceilings

For some reason, there is an opinion among the people that some special chandeliers are needed for stretch ceilings. Not certainly in that way. It’s just that it’s almost impossible to attach something to this

Filament curtains

Filament curtains in a modern interior are a non-standard solution for curtains on windows or doorways. This new design solution has become popular recently. Made using various materials, such as beads or glass beads, as

Children’s wardrobes

When decorating the interior of a children’s room, you need to try to ensure that the child has as much free space as possible for games. Therefore, the furniture must be reduced to a minimum,

Mirror wardrobe

A mirror is an interior element that has always been surrounded by an aura of mysticism. It has been present in human culture since ancient times and was often used in various rituals. Perhaps, there